Sex-Positive Progress


In the Flesh: Talking About Relationship Anarchy in Vancouver and Beyond

 •  May 16

The non-monogamous scene in Vancouver continues to thrive. Recently, Kale Gōsen launched a website and Facebook Group to spread the word about...

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A Little Brief on Sex-Positivity and Events

 •  February 18

Lately, I have been reading many people's writings online and I have made some shocking discoveries. I have arrived at a solid conclusion: folks...

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Morning-after play regret: when kink goes bad

 •  February 26

Erotic Vancouver is happy to take a moment to highlight another local blog, Tough Love, and a post there that tackles the real and relevant problem...

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UPDATE: Tory Senator Criticizes Minister of Heritage over musuem Sex Ed Exhibit uproar

 •  May 17

Updated at 12:10pm Friday May 18th: Conservative Senator Nancy Ruth has criticized the comments and actions of the Minister of Canadian Heritage,...

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EXCLUSIVE: Nipples Taboo at the Taboo Sex Show in the Fraser Valley

 •  May 15

                It seems the Taboo Sex Show is still too risque for some Fraser Valley residents. Taboo happened this past...

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A Wise Approach to Sex Education

 •  April 27

The Globe and Mail profiles a new program in two Calgary high schools which focuses on straight up talk about sex to Grade 9 boys, with students free...

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Opinion: Sex as sport, and that’s perfectly okay

 •  March 22

Recently a woman wrote to me saying that she’d tested positive for HPV, asking me to remind her why being slutty is fun. She went on to write that...

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An Open Letter To Parents’ Voice: Stop the Bullying

 •  March 1

Dear Gordon World of Parents’ Voice, I’m writing this open letter to you about your recent statements to the media, and I’m posting this...

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Kinky Nuns & Christs Spark Protests in Madrid

 •  February 17

From the website Expatica comes this article with details of protests over two recent art exhibitions in Madrid, one by famed Canadian photographer...

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Cover Up: When safe words are ignored

 •  January 29

Salon magazine has an interesting article talking about sexual assaults within the BDSM community. It's an unfortunate reality that too often hasn't...

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