Vice Magazine article on Feminism & BDSM

 •  February 6

Vice Canada features a piece this week from writer Jade Orion entitled How I Reconciled Feminism with My First Step into the "Dark Side" of...

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A Little Brief on Sex-Positivity and Events

 •  February 18

Lately, I have been reading many people's writings online and I have made some shocking discoveries. I have arrived at a solid conclusion: folks...

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Be It Now

 •  June 26

This is a rant against the hands that reach out to accept and place manacles instead. This is a rant against the judgements we pass and the...

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She Came In Like A Wrecking Ball

 •  October 4

Yesterday’s open letter from Sinéad O'Connor to Miley Cyrus, where Sinéad expresses her concern about Miley’s recent actions… Yeah. Whoa. (If...

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Open Letter: A Call for Vancouver Council to take REAL Action on Anti-LGBT Laws in Russia

 •  August 1

Councillor Stevenson, Thank you for your response. I'm hoping we might dialogue more on this; while I don't believe that boycotting an ally is the...

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Why I’m Bucking the Boycott and Serving Stoli Vodka this Pride Sunday

 •  August 1

An Open Letter to Vancouver City Councillor Tim stevenson & His Response Thursday, August 1st, 2013 Councillor Stevenson, My name is Reive...

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As City Cracks Down On Sex Shop Licensing, Owners Fear Fantasy Factory’s Fate

 •  August 20

Local writer Peter Tupper has an excellent piece on the trials (literally) and tribulations of the Fantasy Factory sex shop and its owner Tony...

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Feminist Porn: Oxymoron?

 •  April 21

The Daily Beast's Maura Kelly reports on the annual Feminist Porn Awards being held in Toronto, and broaches the subject of whether "feminist porn"...

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Ontario Court of Appeals: Victory for escorts but dangers remain for survival sex workers

 •  March 26

It's a victory for those working as escorts, whether for agencies or from home, but 3 out of 5 judges voted to maintain the communications provisions...

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Kinky Nuns & Christs Spark Protests in Madrid

 •  February 17

From the website Expatica comes this article with details of protests over two recent art exhibitions in Madrid, one by famed Canadian photographer...

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