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Ontario Court of Appeals: Victory for escorts but dangers remain for survival sex workers

 •  March 26

It's a victory for those working as escorts, whether for agencies or from home, but 3 out of 5 judges voted to maintain the communications provisions...

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An early look at Barbara Nitke’s American Ecstasy

 •  February 26

Vice Magazine has an interview with photographer Barbara Nitke, and it's a fascinating read. I became familiar with Nitke in recent years because of...

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Role Play Kinky Kidnapping Goes Awry!

 •  February 16

Let the following story be a lesson to anyone planning to role play an abduction or similar scene: make sure that innocent and well meaning members...

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Online Surveillance Bill: We’re either with the Tories or with the Child Pornographers

 •  February 15

You've likely heard the story by now. If you haven't, you might want to read the article also linked to at the end of this entry and then...

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Smut Peddling Sun Corporation Accuses CBC of being in the Porn Business

 •  February 4

Stephen Maher calls out Sun TV for it's trumped up charge that CBC is in the porn business. He also draws attention to the initial common sense and...

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Cover Up: When safe words are ignored

 •  January 29

Salon magazine has an interesting article talking about sexual assaults within the BDSM community. It's an unfortunate reality that too often hasn't...

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U.S. States Making Sex Toys Safer

 •  October 6

Blisstree reports that over 2 dozen U.S. States are working towards making sex toys BPA. free. If you've heard of BPA it's probably because it's been...

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The mother of all porn feuds

 •  September 7

MILFing Marilyn credit: Marilyn Young & Malia Schlaefer Okay, so the feud is actually fairly minor. But I couldn't resist the pun, and I wanted to...

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What’s the problem: A noisy neighbour, or nosy neighbours?

 •  September 5

Front page challenges It shouldn't come as a surprise when the mass media sensationalizes and demonizes alternative sexuality, and yet the Friday...

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A Metered Solution?

 •  September 5

The website for the news magazine The Week has a story about Germany's 'remarkable' prostitution tax meter. Bonn Germany's modified parking meter...

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