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Where were the trail bosses? Responsible journalism failed: Jim Brown & the media

 •  October 18

Update April 27, 2016: Coroporal Jim Brown resigned from the RCMP days ahead of a scheduled disciplinary hearing on the allegations that arose as a...

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Vancouver Sun Misrepresents Erotic Vancouver’s Role in RCMP Criminal Libel Case

 •  September 22

After the Vancouver Sun found itself lead down the garden path while launching a media fire storm in the Corporal Jim Brown affair, I really...

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Sun Reporter answers questions re: possible fabricated description of photo & more

 •  July 6

Update September 6, 2012:   Erotic Vancouver was informed by a source at the CBC that there was a picture that of Corporal Brown that was similar...

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Smut Peddling Sun Corporation Accuses CBC of being in the Porn Business

 •  February 4

Stephen Maher calls out Sun TV for it's trumped up charge that CBC is in the porn business. He also draws attention to the initial common sense and...

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What’s the problem: A noisy neighbour, or nosy neighbours?

 •  September 5

Front page challenges It shouldn't come as a surprise when the mass media sensationalizes and demonizes alternative sexuality, and yet the Friday...

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Have you heard the news?

 •  August 17

Have you heard the news? No. Of course you haven't. Because nobody in the Vancouver media is covering it. I'm talking about sex, of course. Sex...

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