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Open letter to Lord Braven from the MVK Board

 •  July 12

Copied from with permission. Open letter to Lord Braven from the MVK...

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Vice Magazine article on Feminism & BDSM

 •  February 6

Vice Canada features a piece this week from writer Jade Orion entitled How I Reconciled Feminism with My First Step into the "Dark Side" of...

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Missing Women Forgotten In This Election

 •  April 29

Erotic Vancouver managing editor Reive Doig has a piece in the Huffpost British Columbia  addressing the scant attention that has been paid during...

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Missing Women’s Inquiry: Wally Oppal’s Good Intentions

 •  December 19

Wally Oppal is a good man. Wally Oppal is good judge, as evidenced by his time on the bench, and his bold heading of the Independent Commission of...

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News Release: Community and Advocacy Groups Respond to MWCI Final Report

 •  December 17

News Release Community and Advocacy Groups Respond to Missing Women Commission of Inquiry's Final Report December 17, 2012 (Coast Salish...

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RCMP Corporal Jim Brown files suit in relation to “Kinky Corporal” affair

 •  November 1

Update, November 3: Link to a Province article on this story now attached below. November 1: RCMP Corporal Jim Brown, who earlier this summer...

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UPDATE: Organizer of Victoria BDSM party forced to cancel by CHEK news story talks to media

 •  November 1

Update, November 2: The organizer of BENT, Andie Luv, has spoken to CHEK news and does a great job or representing the BDSM community. You'll...

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RCMP Informant in Kinky Corporal Affair: Villain or Victim?

 •  October 31

October 31: Grant Wakefield is a man on a mission, except nobody other than Wakefield seems to know exactly what that mission is. Perhaps it’s...

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The Kinky Corporal – A Timeline

 •  October 31

A Partial Timeline of the Corporal Brown- Grant Wakefield Affair       2008 or 2009: Corporal Brown poses for a BDSM photo shoot. Pictures...

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Where were the trail bosses? Responsible journalism failed: Jim Brown & the media

 •  October 18

Update April 27, 2016: Coroporal Jim Brown resigned from the RCMP days ahead of a scheduled disciplinary hearing on the allegations that arose as a...

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