Be It Now

 •  June 26

This is a rant against the hands that reach out to accept and place manacles instead. This is a rant against the judgements we pass and the...

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The Return of The Clones!

 •  October 17

LOCK YOUR DOORS AND HIDE YOUR HUSBANDS, THEY’RE BACK!  And just on time for Halloween! By now you’ve probably guessed that I love gay porn....

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Open Letter: A Call for Vancouver Council to take REAL Action on Anti-LGBT Laws in Russia

 •  August 1

Councillor Stevenson, Thank you for your response. I'm hoping we might dialogue more on this; while I don't believe that boycotting an ally is the...

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Why I’m Bucking the Boycott and Serving Stoli Vodka this Pride Sunday

 •  August 1

An Open Letter to Vancouver City Councillor Tim stevenson & His Response Thursday, August 1st, 2013 Councillor Stevenson, My name is Reive...

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Is Leather being squeezed out of the local scene?

 •  December 20

I recently got wind of a local Leatherperson complaining about the dress code at local fetish events.  The complaint was that denim is not...

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