Hysteria: A new romantic comedy about the invention of the Vibrator

 •  April 27

A new film which just premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival, and scheduled for wide release in late May, details the early history of the Vibrator,...

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Feminist Porn: Oxymoron?

 •  April 21

The Daily Beast's Maura Kelly reports on the annual Feminist Porn Awards being held in Toronto, and broaches the subject of whether "feminist porn"...

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Toronto’s Fetish Fair Ended

 •  April 12

Those hoping for an event here in Vancouver modelled on San Francisco's Folsom Street Fair or Toronto's Fetish Fair (an unlikely prospect in "No Fun...

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An early look at Barbara Nitke’s American Ecstasy

 •  February 26

Vice Magazine has an interview with photographer Barbara Nitke, and it's a fascinating read. I became familiar with Nitke in recent years because of...

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Science and Sex Ed in a Rational Society

 •  September 5

Recently I had the chance to visit Vancouver's Science World (yes, I know, it's the "Telus World of Science" now) to see their exhibit featuring...

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In L.A., the Debate Rages On About Condoms in Porn Films

 •  August 30

Much of the porn industry seems more interested in profits than preventing HIV infections. The LA Times reports on the most recent infection scare in...

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