In the Flesh: Reive Discussed CUFFED Fetish, Vancouver’s Newest Kink Night

 •  May 18

When Noir Fetish Night wrapped up its five year run the past Winter, the local kink scene was suddenly a little emptier for me. It was my fetish...

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In the Flesh: Talking About Relationship Anarchy in Vancouver and Beyond

 •  May 16

The non-monogamous scene in Vancouver continues to thrive. Recently, Kale Gōsen launched a website and Facebook Group to spread the word about...

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Fade to Black – the final Noir

 •  January 14

This coming Saturday, we have the final Noir. When asked why, Reive will only start shouting about Dexter, incoherently, until we move on to a...

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In the Flesh with New Year’s Resolutions

 •  January 26

Welcome to the first “In the Flesh” column of 2015, which also happens to be my “New Year's Resolutions” article for Erotic Vancouver....

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Feeling Spicy? The Taboo Sex Show Has What You Are Looking For!

 •  January 15

Got sex on the brain? That's what Taboo, the sex show that promises to be naughty AND nice, is asking you. And we are guessing the answer is...

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Five Polyamorous Dating Tips

 •  December 8

One of the delights of being polyamorous is being able to continue the dating game even after you have found someone amazing. There is something very...

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Polyamorous Misconceptions: Seven Assumptions That Aren’t True

 •  October 24

Last time around, I shared my path to polyamory.  This time, I thought I would share some of the misconceptions about polyamory that I have...

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EV Interview: Markus & Scotty of PLUR

 •  August 29

PLUR Productions burst onto Vancouver's fetish and alt-sex scene a scant two months ago, but already its parties are breathing new energy into the...

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My Path to Polyamory

 •  August 23

Polyamory is the desire and willingness to date and form intimate relationships with more than one person with the awareness and understanding of...

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Striving for Sexual Debauchery and a Rent Cheque with Abby Normal

 •  July 28

When you have the urge to get loose in the middle of the weekend, Vancouver may have you scratching your head for options. Add “sexy” and...

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