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Crossdressers – Welcome Members, or BDSM Outcasts?

 •  October 30

  Crossdressers: they are misunderstood by the non-kinky community, and yet are they truly welcome in the BDSM community?  Too many times, I've...

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Destination Calgary – “The Garden” Interview

 •  July 12

Here at Erotic Vancouver we'd hoped to have this interview up sooner, but the unfortunate incidents of the past week (in addition to a general life...

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A look inside a local Polyamorous family

 •  March 21

Another day, another article about polyamory. When it comes to covering relationships it seems that poly is the soup do jour at every major...

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Making Love and Trouble: The surprisingly woman-friendly roots of modern polyamory

 •  March 15

Slate features an article on polyamory this week with the above mentioned title. It's a great look at the history of poly movements before, and...

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Cover Up: When safe words are ignored

 •  January 29

Salon magazine has an interesting article talking about sexual assaults within the BDSM community. It's an unfortunate reality that too often hasn't...

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