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Open letter to Lord Braven from the MVK Board

 •  July 12

Copied from with permission. Open letter to Lord Braven from the MVK...

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CUFFED Fetish May 22 Party Pictures

 •  June 23

CUFFED Fetish held it's inaugural event on Sunday, May 22 at The Hindenburg, formerly the home of Sin City. It was a fabulously well received...

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In the Flesh: Talking About Relationship Anarchy in Vancouver and Beyond

 •  May 16

The non-monogamous scene in Vancouver continues to thrive. Recently, Kale Gōsen launched a website and Facebook Group to spread the word about...

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An intro to Overture

 •  March 6

Vancouver's fetish and kink scene finds itself with three new fetish or kink events bounding onto the scene just a few months into 2016. Erotic...

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An Interview with the organizers of Blanche

 •  February 29

 Who is Alex Blanche? People in Vancouver's kink community first began hearing about Blanche and the Blanche Fetish Collective back in December....

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Vice Magazine article on Feminism & BDSM

 •  February 6

Vice Canada features a piece this week from writer Jade Orion entitled How I Reconciled Feminism with My First Step into the "Dark Side" of...

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Fade to Black – the final Noir

 •  January 14

This coming Saturday, we have the final Noir. When asked why, Reive will only start shouting about Dexter, incoherently, until we move on to a...

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Kink Talks Back: MVK & SFU on Fifty Shades

 •  March 23

Fifty Shades has everybody talking but gets a lot of BDSM wrong. MVK & SFU are setting the record straight with a public discussion on April 9th at...

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The Domlander Pre-show.

 •  March 21

I'm sitting here at the Victoria Event Centre, getting psyched up for this year's Domlander. Devo is blasting out of the sound system as I write, and...

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Five Polyamorous Dating Tips

 •  December 8

One of the delights of being polyamorous is being able to continue the dating game even after you have found someone amazing. There is something very...

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