Bottom’s Up is Back

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After hearing that Bottom’s Up was coming back, I conducted this short interview with the host, Moon Dancer. 

What can someone new expect when attending Bottom’s Up?

Bottoms Up! is a safe space for bottom- and submissive-identified people of all ages, genders, and sexual orientations to get together, discuss issues, review books, share tips and experiences, practice safe equipment use, identify risks with types of play, recognize red flags when negotiating for play, learn how to assert our own needs, desires and rights as individuals, and of course celebrate what makes a good dom or top. The monthly event at The Tipper is a facilitated discussion format but we are hoping to also start offering workshops aimed at bottoms and bottoming.

Who should be attending this event?

Anyone who identifies or plays as a bottom or submissive is welcome. We always hope for a mixture of experience levels and ranges of s-type roles as information sharing and peer support are the goals of the group. (For those who switch, please leave your “Top Hat” home – this is not open to those who only top or play in a dominant role)

What motivated you to start up this event again?

Bottoms Up used to be held at the Rhizome. When it closed there was a hiatus that proved to be longer than intended. We had hoped to find a new place that had a private room, had a high level of accessibility, and was financially manageable. That can get complicated in Vancouver. With kink hitting the mainstream awareness more, there has been an influx of people wanting to explore kink. Many newbies dive in without researching the risks involved in the various types of play or the complications that come with power dynamic based relationships. The need for information sharing and peer support has become more apparent, and so we have booked The Tipper for Monday, June 2nd at 6:30pm, though we are still looking for a space that meets more of our accessibility needs.

The Fetlife link for the Bottoms Up group and the link for month’s meet up. At this time over 20 bottoms have signed up to attend the event.

Are you available to meet up with newcomers who are nervous about attending?

I do not mind being contacted by those interested in the group, or nervous about attending. I can be found on Fetlife as Moon Dancer, or reached by email at The group can also be found on twitter as @BottomsUpVan.

 Photo for the article provided by Everhappy,  aka Villainess Überhappy from my article on Domlander, which she won in 2014 and 2013. 

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