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The media’s failed reporting on Cpl. Jim Brown

 •  April 27

Where were the trail bosses? Responsible journalism failed: Jim Brown & the media In the wake of the resignation of Corporal Jim Brown just days...

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Kink Fetish Nights – The First Interview!

 •  April 9

EV: So when it comes to event names, you really don’t leave any room for doubt what sort of night you’re running. How did you decide on...

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Claudia Rylie-The Laid Bare Interview

 •  March 17

  When Erotic Vancouver decided to launch a new interview series with those who work in various sexual fields, be it exotic dancing, burlesque...

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Rubbout 25 – The EV Interview

 •  March 11

Friday, March 11th, was the Rubbout Kick Off Party at The PumpJack Pub in the Davie Village, and while the big event itself is still three weeks...

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An intro to Overture

 •  March 6

Vancouver's fetish and kink scene finds itself with three new fetish or kink events bounding onto the scene just a few months into 2016. Erotic...

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An Interview with the organizers of Blanche

 •  February 29

 Who is Alex Blanche? People in Vancouver's kink community first began hearing about Blanche and the Blanche Fetish Collective back in December....

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So you want to check out Vancouver’s Kink Scene

 •  February 11

It's Thursday, February 11th, and this afternoon I'm appearing on Roundhouse Radio 98.3 to talk about the Jian Ghomeshi trial, particularly how what...

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Blog Betty & Kora interview with EE’s Applecat

 •  February 10

The blog Betty & Kora has an interview with Applecat, the amazing Victoria DJ who is also the co-producer of the hard-to-define Erotica...

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Vice Magazine article on Feminism & BDSM

 •  February 6

Vice Canada features a piece this week from writer Jade Orion entitled How I Reconciled Feminism with My First Step into the "Dark Side" of...

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The Jian Ghomeshi story is not about BDSM

 •  October 28

As an alt-sex activist, self-identified and out kinkster, and a writer on BDSM and other sexuality issues I’ve been asked to weigh in on the Jian...

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