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A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

 •  May 31

Kink has taken the world by storm, and with it - there has been an enormous increase of industries and individuals looking to cash in.  This is only...

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Dominants: Telling the good from the bad.

 •  February 17

Firstly, let me make a few disclaimers... I love submissives.  I wish that far fewer people lived in shame about being submissive, and that...

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Are you ‘the best’ or ‘the rest’?

 •  February 6

They say ignorance is bliss... and I say: bullsh**, it is - not when it comes to being kinky.  No matter which side of the play you're on, or what...

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Doing Kink vs Being Kinky – The Great BDSM Divide.

 •  January 23

The BDSM world is a vast and complicated sexual subculture.  It is comprised of an awful lot of people with nothing in common - except that they're...

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Is Leather being squeezed out of the local scene?

 •  December 20

I recently got wind of a local Leatherperson complaining about the dress code at local fetish events.  The complaint was that denim is not...

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Slaves owning slaves?

 •  November 14

Has anyone else noticed the growing number of people who identify as slaves who "own" a slave?  Has anyone else wondered what the hell is going on...

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Crossdressers – Welcome Members, or BDSM Outcasts?

 •  October 30

  Crossdressers: they are misunderstood by the non-kinky community, and yet are they truly welcome in the BDSM community?  Too many times, I've...

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Is the BDSM community a thing of the past?

 •  October 15

One would think that in this age of information, where we are becoming increasingly dependent on technology and the internet, that the BDSM community...

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