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Basic BDSM Relationship Advice

 •  February 11

Realizing that you are kinky, that can be a bit of a shock. It can be an intimidating world to explore, especially with all the misconceptions. For...

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Fade to Black – the final Noir

 •  January 14

This coming Saturday, we have the final Noir. When asked why, Reive will only start shouting about Dexter, incoherently, until we move on to a...

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The Mr. and Ms. Rascal’s Pageant – May 30th

 •  April 16

Last year, I wrote up an article on the upcoming Ms. Rascal's Pageant. This year's pageant promises to be even more interesting, since they've added...

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Domlander 2015 Live Blog

 •  March 21

This was a Live Blog. It was be updated paragraph by paragraph, as I typed it up. It might be finished now.  The typos are non-refundable, but can...

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The Domlander Pre-show.

 •  March 21

I'm sitting here at the Victoria Event Centre, getting psyched up for this year's Domlander. Devo is blasting out of the sound system as I write, and...

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Domlander Returns.

 •  March 10

Earlier today, Derek Zoolander and Hansel took the stage at the Paris Fashion Week to announce the return of Zoolander. I know plenty of people...

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Taboo Subjects – Boss Bondage

 •  March 4

Early Sunday afternoon, during the bit of quiet time before the last day of the show really picks up, I say down with the Internationally recognized...

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Taboo Subjects – Immortal Love Video

 •  February 25

I'm here at the Taboo show, visiting all the interesting booths, and I couldn't help but be drawn into the Immortal Love Video booth for an interview...

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Taboo Subjects –

 •  February 21

Jesus Loves Porn Stars One of the groups that was present at Taboo was the, who have the slogan: Jesus Loves Porn Stars! They have...

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Westcoast Bound : Hotel Conquest.

 •  February 1

Sometime after midnight, in a greasy spoon, off the freeway, we sit in the wood & pleather booth. We're discussing what Mikey learned at Westcoast...

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