As City Cracks Down On Sex Shop Licensing, Owners Fear Fantasy Factory’s Fate

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Local writer Peter Tupper has an excellent piece on the trials (literally) and tribulations of the Fantasy Factory sex shop and its owner Tony Perry. The chain has been ordered to close its location on Kingsway due to improper licensing. In court Perry raised several issues, including discriminatory treatment given that many stores selling similar products, including big chain London Drugs, were getting a pass.

With quotes from John Ince of the Art of Loving, as well Janna Sylvest of of Womyns’Ware, who also happens to be a practicing lawyer*, it’s the best bit of writing Erotic Vancouver has seen on this issue. On a side note, who realized that so many lawyers had such a sexy streak?

Read the full story on Open File

Earlier coverage (different writer) at the Vancouver Courier

* Correction: This sentence originally mistakenly referred to both John Ince and Janna Sylvest as lawyers. John Ince is in fact a non-practicing lawyer, and not licensed to practice, while Janna Sylvest is a practicing Barrister and Solicitor.

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