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The following letter was written to just one promoter, DJ Pandemonium, but I’ve decided to publish it here on Erotic Vancouver so that other promoters will understand why events sometimes do, and sometimes don’t, make the Hot Sexy Events listing.



Dear Isaac,

I wanted to respond to you, your email to me, and your comment on Erotic Vancouver’s Hot Sexy Events list this week, and your comment to Burgundy Brixx in response to her excitement about being on Erotic Vancouver’s  Hot Sexy Events: June 25 – July 1 list. You were upset that I’d forgotten to include this Saturday’s Sin City on the list, and the implication seemed to be that I hadn’t forgotten Sin City, but rather that I’d purposely left it out. Which is, in fact, exactly what I did.

Hot Sexy Events is not intended to be a listing of EVERYTHING that’s happening in the city in any given week. The as-yet-not-filled calendar is supposed to do that…but there are only so many hours in the day and I’m now working a full-time management position that’s taking more than 40 hours a week as I learn the ropes, and just yesterday I wrote the final in a course I need before I start school in September. That’s also why there was no Hot Sexy Events last week: I simply didn’t have the time and energy to get one done.

Anyway, enough of my whingeing. I was explaining why Sin wasn’t on Hot Sexy Events this week….

The Hot Sexy Events list is intended to spotlight two things: BIG events (Fetish Hospital was on it, as was the last Sin City since it was the 50/50 Appreciation Night—we jump at any chance to promote PACE) and smaller, worthwhile events that fewer people know about. The events that more people should know about but too often don’t. Geeks After Dark falls into that category.

A lot of other events didn’t make this week’s list. VIP Swing didn’t. They’re small, but they’re also pretty exclusive. They’ll warrant a mention once, out of every 3 or 4 parties, just so people have a chance to hear about them. And none of the munches warranted a mention. Munches that are well enough attended that I’m not just directing people to an empty room, but that could use more awareness of them, will warrant a mention every few months. They’re hardly special enough to get mentioned every time they happen, but I do want people to be aware of them, or be reminded of them.

Forbidden City’s 4 year Anniversary Party didn’t even get a mention and that one I feel kind of bad about. But, frankly, in the end there’s enough happening on Canada Day worth mentioning, your Lust in Space party and Kitty Night’s O’Canada, that I KNOW will be events people will walk away from going “wow,” while I’ve heard mixed reviews of Forbidden City. ‘Nuff said.

The Wet Spots’ East Side Spectacular didn’t make the list! And it’s damn sure a Hot Sexy Event but I listed last month’s event, and there’s only so much room on the Hot Sexy list. The Naughty Improv Musical is happening this weekend, but it’s not on the list. And I love Michael Robinson. Again, only so much room on the list. Had either of those events been earlier in the week I’d have found a way to list them, but frankly the lists’ events are always weekend-heavy.

PumpJack’s monthly Tool Box night isn’t on the list, despite being near and dear to my heart. That was initially an oversight, but given how full the list is this week, and given that it’s on an already very full weekend I didn’t go back and include it the way I did with Lust in Space when I realized I’d forgotten it.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show isn’t on it. Again, weekend. If it had been Tuesday thru Thursday it would have made the list. (Monday was out because the column was late this week; my days off are now Tuesday, Wednesday.)

Anyway, I hope you see where I’m going with this. Sin City is a great event. It’s going to make the list A LOT. So far it’s made the list more than ANY OTHER event. Your anniversary party will sure as hell be on it, because that’s a BIG event. However, this week you’re holding a Sin City with the “Bonus Theme” being Rubber; I interpret that as being one of your unofficial (bonus) themes. And because I don’t want folks to think of Erotic Vancouver as being just “that fetish and kink page”, we already serve that community more than any other since that’s the community I’m most in touch with, but because of that we’re trying to list more events that aren’t fetish and kink, though still not to the ideal degree.

I’m looking forward to the day when every NOIR won’t be on the list. Right now with going into a new venue, and with dates moving around a bit it’s going to have to be in order to help spread the word. July is our first night at Open Studios, and we don’t yet know what’s happening in August since the 3rd Saturday of the month is already booked out there and we don’t want to run against Sin, obviously. In September, the 3rd Saturday is booked so we’re running on the 4th Saturday (Sin City is on the 5th one.) October is our 2nd Anniversary, so that will definitely be on the list. But November? I’m hoping not to put us on the list.

Still, you know what? If I did put us on the list each and every time we ran, that would be perfectly okay. I should probably include an Editor’s note that I run the night, to be entirely upfront with E.V.‘s readers, but it would be okay. Because, frankly, we’ve spent a hell of a lot of time creating a community resource here, one that I use to only a limited degree to promote my event. I say “we” rather than “I” because Ange edits much of the site and all of the new posts, and because Paul does a LOT of work behind the scenes. So they deserve a lot of credit, though none of the blame if any is to be attached to leaving an event out of the list. That’s on me.

Isaac, practically from day one of the launch of the NOIR website we’ve included links to the different events and organizations around town: Sin City, MVK, Rascal’s and more. That’s something no other party or event in Vancouver does, although some have links to their sponsors. I created Erotic Vancouver to serve an even greater need, as a guide to everything erotic or sexy going on in Vancouver: swing groups, poly groups, sex and fetish wear shops. And now, of course, as a guide to individual events, particularly ones that we think could use the publicity.

Sin City has never even had a links page. That’s not a criticism, it’s an observation. You don’t need to have one. I’m not asking you to have one. You’re not obligated to give anyone else a hand up in promoting what it is they do, or to inform anyone of what else is going on in the city.

But please don’t complain or slap Erotic Vancouver down when we do.

NOIR Fetish Ball


  1. The Deej / June 27, 2012 at 9:18 pm / Reply

    Sin City has been around long enough that unless its a special event night, people know its there. Realistically there comes a time when Sin City has served a personal purpose of dipping a toe in the local kink / fetish scene and people move onto other things. I know I did.

    I rather like the notion of Hot Sexy Events letting me know of something I may not have even known existed.

  2. Micael / June 27, 2012 at 10:11 pm / Reply

    Thank you for explaining all of this in such great depth Reive. It is very hard to be a promoter, and still be accountable to the entire community, and I believe you do a good job at that with this site.
    -M. Bear

  3. Reive / June 27, 2012 at 10:21 pm / Reply

    I should remark that Sin City and DJ Pandemonium have allowed NOIR, and I believe other events, to flyer at Sin City. While that’s been a reciprocal arrangement it’s certainly benefited NOIR more than it did Sin from the very beginning.

    Please, people, do not take this as a criticism of Sin City on the whole.

  4. Ryan / June 28, 2012 at 12:24 pm / Reply

    Thanks for being a pillar in the community Reive! You have done so much over the years for all of us and most people don’t even know it… from promoting every ones events to liaising with local law enforcement to hosting monthly events like “Vancouver Dungeon” and “Cirque de Sade” and yearly conferences to fundraising for sex positive charities like PACE and being political when nobody else would be to helping to educate us on how to play a little bit safer and more skilfully to helping organizations like MVK emerge from the ashes.

    Thank you Reive!!!!

  5. Neil / July 2, 2012 at 5:36 pm / Reply

    You’re a class act Reive, no question about it. I really can’t put it much more eloquently than that. Thanks for all that you do for the community at large.

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