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Vancouver’s fetish and kink scene finds itself with three new fetish or kink events bounding onto the scene just a few months into 2016. Erotic Vancouver is happy to have the chance to speak with the organizers of each of these for a series of interviews on the new nights and the faces fronting them.

Last week we spoke to Team Blanche, the people behind the well received, if modestly attended, Blanche which happened Saturday, March 5, and soon we’ll be speaking to the promoters behind Kink. This week, however, EV has the inside track from the young men behind Overture. Knowing the enthusiasm of Mikey and Grimly, hearing what they’ve got planned was music to my ears.


Let’s begin with the obvious. Why did you choose the name Overture for your event?

GRIMLY: We were brainstorming a lot of names. It took us a while and we went through many. Eventually, “Overture” came up and we realized right away that it was perfect. It portrays our idea of incorporating art, music and performance into a kink night. It is also a play on words. Overture, in German ius ‘vorspiel’, meaning ‘play before’ as in performance before play.

MIKEY: And it sounds cool.


What inspired you to start a fetish event?

Overture Hots Mikey and Grimly

Overture Hots Mikey and Grimly Photo: Culture Thug Photography

MIKEY: Lots of things really. All the other nights that have come before are probably the biggest thing. For me personally it’s how much the fetish scene here in Vancouver has enriched my life; all the amazing people I’ve met, and the things I’ve seen. My word the things I’ve seen. Anyways, getting distracted there for a sec. To get back to the question it’s really just about giving back and helping strengthen what I see is a vibrant and amazing community.

Paying tribute to all the things that made us who we are.

Honoring the darkness in the light and the light in the darkness. The duality. Top, Bottom, Domme, Sub, Master, Slave. Whatever the case may be.

There’s so much beauty in BDSM. I believe that when you’re watching a scene you’re witnessing art made flesh before your eyes.

GRIMLY: That basically sums it up.


What are your own experiences at different fetish events, and with Vancouver’s kink community?

MIKEY: I’ve been really lucky, but then again I think lots of folks here in Vancouver are.

From Sin City to Noir, Erotica Electronica, PLUR, MVK, Taboo, and various play parties all over town there’s so much to do, so much to learn. It’s hard to go somewhere and not make friends, kinksters are some of the nicest and most welcoming people I’ve ever met. Seriously I can’t say that enough.

GRIMLY: Well I’m a bit of a shut in personally so my experiences at events are rather limited. One thing I have noticed though going to any fetish event is how people of many different scenes all come out to enjoy themselves together. That feeling of community is quite lovely. I’ve met the most open minded and welcoming people through the kink scene.

MIKEY: And also some of the meanest and most evil people too. But in a good way.


What are you bringing to the table that will make your night different from what’s currently out there?

MIKEY: Not that anyone else isn’t doing amazing things but I like to think we’re bringing a younger, fresher take on a fetish night. Bringing new ideas to the table with a different feel, incorporating various art forms with a sensual style.

GRIMLY: We want to have something for everyone to enjoy. To appeal to everyone who comes out with both the music and the performances. We also want to bring in new and interesting acts, we have an adult comedy routine to kick off our first night for example. We will always be thinking of new and different performances to bring in to keep every Overture a slightly different experience from the last.


Lux Interior

Interior of Lux

You’re in Lux for your first party, which is a pretty aptly named venue on Howe just off Davie Street. Tell us about it, and about how you’re going to capitalize on the space?

MIKEY : Lux has given us permission to move everything around and have our way with the look of the club. But honestly we don’t need to do much in my opinion. It’s a really beautiful and classy venue. It really suits our style.

Our dungeon will be out in the open, pretty much anywhere you are in the club you’ll be able to see what kind of delightful scenes are going on.


So is it true that your Easter Sunday party at Lux is a one off? Have you got any plans following that?

MIKEY: We originally were planning on doing a one off and figure out where to go from there but we’ve had a lot of people show interest in Overture so it’s looking like we’re gonna make this a regular thing.

GRIMLY: We do intend to work this into a regular monthly event somewhere. We’re working on that right now but we have no details as of yet.


Overture promo shot featuring Christa Photo: Culture Thug Photography

Overture promo shot featuring Christa Photo: Culture Thug Photography

Is there anything you’d like to add before we wrap this up?

MIKEY: We have lots of plans for the future but if it’s gonna happen we really need support to make it happen. I have faith that when people see what we got cooking everything will come naturally. Just as they have already; Overture has been a HUGE team effort. There are so many people to thank.

It’s really touching to see so many people come together to make something special. We’ve yet to debut our new night and it already means a lot to so many.

GRIMLY: I would also like to thank everyone who has contributed to making this possible. It is truly amazing the amount of support we have had. We couldn’t have done it without all of you.


Overture happens Sunday, March 27th at Lux, 1180 Howe Street, Vancouver.

Check their Facebook event listing for more info.

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