What is Erotic Vancouver?

Erotic Vancouver is your guide to parties, events, resources, stores and anything/everything related to the erotic here in Vancouver. From fetish nights to swingers’ parties, polyamory meet-ups to strip clubs, BDSM dungeon parties to sex stores, and information sources to where to get tested… We may not have it all covered yet, but we aim to cover it all in time.

We’re sex positive, and we’re also opinionated. Part of this is website will be dedicated to blog posts linking to news articles and our views on them, or to offering views about the negative attitudes towards various aspects of sexuality that might arise from government, community, or the folks living next door to someone we know.  We believe that sexual rights ARE human rights, and so we care about them quite a bit.

Not all of our opinions will necessarily be consistent or fall in line with each other. Here at Erotic Vancouver we speak with more than one voice.  The Managing Editor will in no way censor a contributing writer due to a difference of opinion. We value all perspectives so long as they are sex positive and tolerant of sexual differences. The potentially controversial opinions will be signed, and they will be the authors’ own opinions, and not necessarily that of the Editor or the magazine as a whole.

The magazine is always looking for ways to be of more service and interest to our locals (and any others that like to read all about our sexy city).  So you may see new features pop up as we grow over time.  We have a few ideas lined up already, so keep your eyes peeled!