The Team

Reive DoigREIVE DOIG • Co-creator • Managing Editor • Reive Doig is a sex positive activist, polyamorist and a proud bisexual man. He is an active member of Vancouver’s kink community, and is also a partner in the monthly fetish night NOIR Fetish Ball and sits on the board of PACE. With 19 years of experience in kink, he’s presented numerous seminars on BDSM and sexuality, spoken at Douglas College, SFU, and UBC, and has been featured in articles in The Globe and Mail, The Vancouver Sun, The Province, and Whiplash Magazine, (among others). He has been a source for several documentary and news producers, and was very thankful to end up on the cutting room floor for the series “Kink”. Reive has worked as an SM Technical Adviser, most recently on “Smallville”, and in the past for “The L Word”, and the unreleased short film “Bondage”.
Paul McEwan GlampingPAUL MCEWAN • Co-creator • Creative Director • Paul McEwan has a background rich in education and experience. A strong set of transferable skills have laid a path for a variety of creative outlets, careers and business interests. The short list includes live performance in improv and music, professional recording, event management, promotions, graphic design and publishing. You have seen his creative design work all over the internet, in major newspapers and magazines across Canada, gracing the walls of night clubs in Vancouver, and as interior commercial space for presentation centres and trade shows. As part owner of By Invitation Only Event Management, Paul has been instrumental in helping bring the sex positive community together in a safe, sane and consensual manner. He currently works in visual branding, brand management and multi-media marketing design.
AlphaSirenALPHASIREN • Contributing Writer • Edgy and unapologetically unconventional, AlphaSiren is a sex-and-body-positive bisexual hedonist, feminist, and alt-girl/blacksheep. She lives her life shamelessly ‘out loud’ and authentically in hopes of empowering and inspiring others. With (accidental) sex and life coaching tendencies, AlphaSiren is hell-bent on breaking down the taboos surrounding sex and sexuality in our society. Despite knowing from a young age, that under NO circumstance did she want to talk to her parents about sex, (let alone imagine them having it), AlphaSiren developed a curiosity and openness about sex that has continued through her life. A former scientist, she recently hung up her labcoat to write full-time. She now freelances for various magazines and websites, focusing primarily on sex and Vancouver’s subcultures and alternative scenes. Also a blogger with social media hyperactivity, she regularly flips the bird at conformity.
Dave ToxikDave Toxik • Contributing Writer • Dave is an active member of the local polyamorous, kinky and Burning Man communities, finding a sweet social spot where each of those communities overlap. He joined the local kink community in 2007 and explored Vancouver’s various offerings. He’s identified as polyamorous since 2008, and hosted meetings for the local Van Poly and Men’s Poly groups to help grow and support both groups. He’s a sex positivity crusader and has co-hosted dozens of sexy private events with his lovely wife, as well as theme camps and workshops in the local Burning Man community since 2010. He’s a social media wrangler and content architect who enjoys writing, drawing, great music and dancing. He is passionate about building a sex positive community upon the foundations of consent and boundaries.