Mission Statement

Our mission is to help Vancouver become the most sex-positive, sexually inclusive and sexually exciting city in Canada.



  • in providing a service and resource for those who live in Vancouver, so that those who live (and visit) here realize exactly how amazing this city is, and how sexually exciting it is too
  • Vancouver is a remarkable city, filled with all manner of diversity, and we want to help build the information network to bring us all together
  • in sexual freedom and sexual/gender equality
  • all people should be proud of their orientation and identification as sexual beings, (or asexual beings, as the case may be)
  • sexuality is a natural and valuable part of our beings
  • there are more important things to politically bicker about than what each individual wants to do with their own body – so it’s time that equal rights for ALL was taken care of, for good
  • all citizens should feel safe – (physically, emotionally, psychologically, socially and financially) – to be true to their sexuality and gender, in private, in public and in the workplace
  • sex is a personal choice and, regardless of what choices any individual makes regarding sex, in no way does it EVER make one person more or less valuable than another
  • Vancouver is the San Francisco of Canada, and we want to make it even more fantastic – because it’s HERE!