A Very Fond Farewell…

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Debbie Love

While we are allowing this post to remain please be aware that the owners of Erotic Vancouver take issue with many of the statements made by Miss Love here, and that legal action is pending.

Hello dear readers,

I have had the wonderful fortune to be the Managing Editor and C.O.O. of Erotic Vancouver for less than 3 months now, and what a ride it has been!  I cannot fully express my gratitude to Reive for asking me to take the helm, and for what a gift this opportunity turned out to be.  Oddly enough, I never once thought to myself, “You know what?  I should run a magazine about sex.”  (When Reive asked me, I literally asked him, “Why ME?”)  And yet, when I slipped into this metaphorical chair, it fit me like a glove.  I have never been happier, never felt so at home, and never felt so complete as I have since taking over Erotic Vancouver.

All of that aside, the remaining creator of this wonderful magazine (who wishes to remain anonymous) and I have very different styles and different goals – so much so, we basically want two different magazines.  As such, it is only right and fair that I go my own way, and return the ‘keys’ to the original owner – as this is their magazine… not mine.  If you have enjoyed what I’ve been doing, and want to follow the magazine that I am now the creator of, you can find me – and it – at E.V. Magazine.

So, here are the details of the “divorce”, for the record:

  1. I am leaving all of the information that I sourced here, at Erotic Vancouver.  I am leaving all of the events that I hunted down and spent countless hours cranking into the calendar.  And I am leaving all of the content (that all of the contributing writers are content to leave) up and available to you all.
  2. The mission statement that was previously posted here, on Erotic Vancouver, is my personal mission statement.  As such, it is coming with me as the mandate for my new project.
  3. The only thing that I am taking with me – “from” Erotic Vancouver – is the acronym E.V.  I’m the one who used it all the time, so it feels like it’s mine.  AND – it also makes for a very nice nod of acknowledgement to the birthplace of my journey into being the editor of an online erotic magazine for Vancouver.
  4. I don’t view my pursuing making my magazine, as becoming direct competition with Erotic Vancouver.  As the creator of Erotic Vancouver and I want to pursue different areas of focus, I view us as BOTH having a valuable service to provide to the community, and I look forward to seeing the results of the fruits of our labours.
  5. I have spoken to all of the new writers (that I personally interviewed and hired), and they have opted to come with me – of their own free will.  I have made it clear that I have no issue with them continuing on with both magazines, but that will be up to each of them individually, as well as the remaining creator of Erotic Vancouver.  (Please note: some of the content has been removed, as per the writer’s request.)

I wish Erotic Vancouver, and it’s original creator and visionary, the greatest of success and happiness.  And I thank all of you who have shared this leg of my journey with me.  Industrious woman that I am, my new project is already live, and the momentum I’ve been building during my time here is moving fast enough that I have to run to keep up with it!  I hope you have enjoyed what I contributed while I was here, and I hope you enjoy what I continue to contribute to this stunning city of ours.

The now former Managing Editor and C.O.O. of Erotic Vancouver,
Debbie Love

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