A different editor; the same vision.

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For those of you who love Reive, (and that makes for quite a number), today may feel like a sad day… As for myself, I couldn’t be more honoured that Reive has asked me to take over as Managing Editor, and I’m so happy that he will be staying on as a part of the team.

He began this magazine with a certain vision, a vision that he has always had for our city, and one that I have always shared with him. We have both always believed that sex isn’t something that anyone should be ashamed of – so long as it was safe, sane and consensual. We are both very accepting and tolerant of differences when it comes to gender, orientation, identification and predilection. And we both know that this magazine is a tool with which to help build a city that is vibrant, evolved, inclusive and embracing of all our differences. Why, just a few weeks ago, Vancouver painted the first rainbow crosswalk in Canada, and I feel that that is a wonderful sign of where our city is, and where it is going… and I know that together, great things are possible.

With the continued loyalty of the readers, and the help of all who join the team, I know that we can make Erotic Vancouver what Reive always dreamed of it being: the best source for information about the sexual issues and events we have right here in our city. As such, I have big dreams for our electronic publication:

  • I want to bring together a sexually eclectic group of contributing writers, who are all passionate about their respective sexual communities.
  • I want to increase the magazine’s readership, by publishing articles and discussing issues that represent more of our different sexual subcultures and erotic communities.
  • I want to create an environment of cooperation and creativity, to grow the magazine into being a project that we are all proud of – the staff, and the readers alike.
  • And I want to always make sure that Reive rests easy, confident that his baby is being well taken care of.


With enormous thanks to Reive, (and no small amount of excitement),

Your new Managing Editor,

Debbie Love


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