Sex Ed in Switzerland to Feature a Different Kind of Sex Toy

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We first heard about “The Sex Box” from L Magazine, and after some research into the matter we decided it was their article we were going to link to as you’re not going to hear much positive about it in any other English language media.

What’s the Sex Box you ask? “‘Sex box’…the controversial trove of wooden penises and fabric vaginas set to be used in a new sex education programme for playschool and primary school kids.”


Even the Education Minister, Christoph Eymann, thinks it’s a stupid name for the box, and blames that for the controversy. But he’s sticking to his (hardly ever used in crimes) guns and seeing these distributed to kids, along with educational materials that aren’t just about scaring the bejesus out of them when it comes to touching themselves.

Kudos to Eymann for standing behind providing age appropriate sex education to children that isn’t focused on simply the negatives.

Seeing as “Sex Box” isn’t going over so well as a name, might we recommend “The Tickle Trunk?”

Read the full article at The L Magazine


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  2. Ryan Paton / February 19, 2014 at 3:24 am / Reply

    Mentioning “the Tickle Trunk” makes me think about Mr. Dressup in a whole different way! I think it would have changed the feel of the show if his tickle trunk had those kind of toys in them…

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